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Exhibition “Interiors of a Russian estate”

Exhibition “Interiors of a Russian estate”

An exhibition of student works “Interiors of a Russian estate” was opened in the main building of RUDN. The concept of a “Russian estate” is associated with the perception of the lifestyle of Russia in the 19th century. Artists and architects of that time in their works tried to recreate an idyllic image of private life, where man, art and nature are united together. The 5th year students of the Department of Architecture of the Academy of Engineering, studying in the direction of “Design of the Architectural Environment,” tried to convey a modern vision of this style.

Exhibition “Interiors of a Russian estate”Exhibition “Interiors of a Russian estate”

If you also want to join the world of art, then we invite you to be inspired by the exhibition and sign up for our courses:

• Drawing of geometric shapes

• Creating an interior in Autodesk Revit

• Parametric Designs in Revit/Parametric projects in Revit

• Architectural organization of residential and public premises (in Arabic)

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