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RUDN subdivisions

Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel

Retraining and professional development: 95 programs, more than 10 directions. Development of training programs to order for the specifics of the professional activities of companies.

subdivision website
Institute of World Economy and Business

IEEE, founded in 1990, today is a major international educational center, one of the pioneers of a business profile in Russia, a member of the Russian Association of Business Education.

subdivision website
International Academy of Television and Information Business

In our Academy you can study and find a suitable course if you are fond of: video, photography, design, fashion and style.

Faculty of Advanced Training of Medical Workers

The faculty works in the field of advanced training and professional retraining of specialists with higher and secondary medical and pharmaceutical education.

subdivision website
Perspektiva - Interdepartmental Centre for Further Professional Education

The Center teaches the best professors and associate professors of the RUDN University, as well as outstanding specialists in the field of management, marketing, IT technologies, construction and design.

Institute of Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology

Training of masters and graduate students, retraining and advanced training of scientific and industrial personnel in the field of biotechnology, chemistry, nanotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

subdivision website
PFUR driving school

Vocational training for vehicle drivers of vehicles of category "B"

subdivision website
Centre for Further Professional Education of the Law Institute

The main task of the Center for Further Professional Education of the Law Institute is the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of law.

Centre for Further Professional Education of the Faculty of Economics

Advanced training courses for specialists in accounting, HR, psychology, management, pedagogy, foreign languages and other areas of professional activity.

subdivision website
Centre for Further Professional Education of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Development of new competencies and advanced training in programs of a general humanitarian and political nature. Learning foreign languages.

Centre for Further Professional Education of the Faculty of Ecology

Provision of educational services for advanced training and retraining programs in the field of ecology and environmental management, environmental safety, human ecology and environmental medicine.

Centre for Further Professional Education of the Faculty of Philology

The Center for Advanced Professional Education (CEPA) is a department of the Faculty of Philology of the RUDN University, which deals with all types of additional education: from pre-university training to refresher courses and retraining of specialists.

Centre for Further Professional Education of the Agrarian and Technological Institute

Obtaining fundamental knowledge and additional competencies in the field of veterinary medicine, landscape architecture, agronomy, land management and cadastre, standardization and metrology

Institute of Biomedical Technologies

Conducting research on the study, implementation and development of innovative approaches and technologies in the field of biomedical problems, healthy lifestyles and physical culture.

Institute of Oriental Medicine

The leading educational institution of the Russian Federation providing professional retraining of medical workers according to the programs of oriental medicine.

subdivision website
Engineering Academy Additional Education Centre

Engineering Academy Additional Education Centre specializes in programs of additional education in technical subjects.

subdivision website
School of educational training for migrants

Preparation and testing of migrants. Especially for employers, field training and testing of foreign workers. Advanced training for teachers.

Training and scientific information library center

We transfer all our experience in working with information to our listeners! Program DPO center covers all parts of working with information to obtain the full range of necessary competencies.

subdivision website
RUDN Russian Language Institute (RLI)

The Russian Language Institute is the main educational and scientific structure of the RUDN University. The Institute includes 2 centers, 4 educational units, 7 departments of the Russian language. Currently, there are 220 teachers, including 19 Doctors of Science, 97 Candidates of Science and 7 Professors. An experienced team enables us to pursue:

International Institute for Strategic Development of Industrial Economies

Institute implements educational programs for additional professional education and organizes research and consulting work.

PFUR Institute of Continuing Pedagogical Education

The first institute in PFUR is focused on the implementation of additional education programs in the field of pedagogy

subdivision website